WISEmetal: Metals Manufacturing Execution System

Traceability, Management and Integrations are the WISE MES set of solutions used to record the critical key aspects of your Production Process.

Operations Modules include:

  • Work Centres,
  • Production Orders,
  • Coil Selection,
  • Coil Prechecks,
  • Auto-Bundling and Manual Bundling,
  • Coil Batch Management,
  • Full Operator Touchscreen HMIs,
  • Machine Controller Interfaces and Instructions,
  • Labelling,
  • Quality Checklist Digitalisation,
  • Production Declarations.

Also Scrap Logging, Downtime Logging, Operator Notes, Production Run Summary & Confirmations (run of Orders). WMS (Yard / WH).

BackOffice Modules include:

  • Production Plan,
  • Nodes Configuration,
  • Stock Location/Movement Rules,
  • Planning and Shop Floor Monitoring,
  • Bundle Doc Management,
  • Digital Quality Checklist Management,
  • Plant Dashboard multi-lines,
  • Stock Reporting,
  • Production Order Reconciliation,
  • Online SOPs,
  • Audit Trail,
  • Maintenance,
  • BI,
  • ERP and MES Integration.