In order to move your Production Plant to a significantly higher level of organisation, WISE MES also includes a module to help your Production Plant implement a migration from paper records on production lines and to digitise the daily management process.

With the interactive touch-screen terminals and HMIs, and laptops/tablets etc, all production related records and logs at existing key recording points are directly entered into the WISE MES system.

A good example here of manual transfer of records would be the key-point checklists used across your production lines – all of these would be digitised, each linked to the correct Production Order and related material master and quality checks of the current run.

Each operator’s entries are translated to a central system for trending, audits and reports, and the previous traditional checklist charts can also be stored as PDFs for future audits or historical reviews. Each WISE MES Checklist is digitally signed by the Operator’s pin.

Required in your Operations for Quality Checks, Process Alignment and Regulatory Compliance objectives.