Delivering exceptional MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) to Quality-driven manufacturing industries.

For Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Liquids and Powders Management, MedTech & Data Security Services Systems, Metals Manufacturing, and Aquaculture Track & Trace: WISE design & develop software applications & integration solutions for Factory Floor Scheduling, Data Acquisition & Exchange, KPI, Product Identification, Labelling, Traceability, Laboratory QA, and Warehouse Management.


WISE Mission Statement

WISE design, develop, and integrate MES industry solutions to the highest standards, through Proximity to our Clients, Reliability, Experience, Flexibility and Service.


WISE has been in business for over 30 years. Our vast experience, depth of expertise, diverse skillset and our Agile Approach bring the following benefits to our Clients:

  • Customer Collaboration
  • Response to Change
  • Working Solutions
  • Highest Business Value In The Shortest Time


WISE MES New Integrations and Key Messages Graphic